Creative Destruction


We are proposing subtle destruction, slow decay, the nuances of change. Our building is more delicate than it appears. We are using the logic of previous successful precedents of circulation(tokyo station, Ginza station, Roppongi Station) and structure (A-bomb Dome, concrete structures that survive tsunami’s) so we can focus of subtleties of material growth and decay. The circulation is the infrastructure that holds everything up and together. Its growth or change overtime is not yet understood. The interstitial spaces are as important as the volume of program, providing each unit with its own individual facade while allowing different degrees of wind, water, and sunlight to enter or exit. In this approach everything will decay independently based on material use and elemental placement. The interstitial spaces is also where plant growth thrives. In that sense the program volumes act as moldings for the plant growth. Overtime the program materials will dissipate but the volumes will remain. The building is alive and elements of it will die one by one, unit by unit, leaf by leaf allowing room for new life new beginnings.

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